Live in Laigueglia the sea during winter.

Do you also think that “the sea during winter is only a film in black and white watched on TV”, as the two famous Italian singers, Enrico Ruggeri and Loredana Bertè, sang?

In Laigueglia, you can live, first hand, the sea during winter.

With the colours and warmth of the fire of the live Nativity Scene, lit on the beach during Christmas holidays; with the colours of dawn, that, on the horizon, draw the Ligurian amphitheatre, down to Lerici and the Apuan Alps and, further down again, over the Cetacean Sanctuary, until the tip of Corsica. With the pastel colours of the old town Ligurian houses, enjoyed, perhaps, from the sundial at the end of the pier, beyond the blue-green, crystal-clear sea.

With the effervescent colours of the uniforms of cyclists, forming a snake along Via Aurelia, or the streets of the Ligurian hinterland, during the Laigueglia Trophy for Professionals or the Gran Fondo Laigueglia Race, a long-distance cycling competition for amateurs.

With all shades of green, “spotted” by early yellowish mimosa (yes, trust me, in winter) on the hillside of pine trees, olive trees and shrubs, crossed by mountain bikers or walkers.

With the sea ready to vigorously reflect the blue sky or break its rare grey with the white foam of its waves . With the always illuminated silhouette of the Parish Church of San Matteo, when about to visit it. Maybe it’s hard to believe it from beyond the Alps and the Maritime Apennines, but also from October to March, life here in Laigueglia continues to be a colour film.