22 July 2019

Trails along the ridge

Green and blue, with some hint of fuchsia and yellow. These are the dominant colours of a walk on the gentle hills behind Laigueglia. Green, in […]
17 June 2019

Bike and Wellness

In one of the charming squares in Laigueglia, overlooking the sea, in an old deposit of fishing nets that smells of history and sea adventures, today […]
28 April 2016

Hydrospeed excursions

Floating on the Hydrospeed plastic shell, advancing smoothly with the fin propulsion movement, is easy and healthy and allows you to visit parts of the coast […]
27 April 2016

Kayak excursions

The aim is to amaze the participants with canoeing excursions in the sea of Laigueglia or in the near-by rivers (Arroscia, Centa, Neva), to offer customized […]
7 April 2016

Nordic Walking

A set of six routes among  the beach, mule tracks and trails surrounding the village, with different degrees of difficulty, accurately indicated by dedicated signage. The […]