Laigueglia is a small chest of treasures to be discovered.

A village full of smells and colours, where the sea looks like a vast blue board spreading under your feet, between fine sandy beaches and shallow waters. A spider-web of cobbled streets that often end with terraces overlooking the sea or majestic stone buildings, coloured by plants and flowers.

Holiday destination, the most hidden and secret corners are the ones that will offer you unexpected surprises. Besides the old fishing village, made of alleys and small squares, there is an unknown Laigueglia, made of paths and breath-taking panoramic views. You can enjoy a beautiful 2-km walk along the path to the Roman Castle, among olive and maritime pine trees, which leads to the ancient village of Colla Micheri: it looks like this small town came out of a history book; here time seems to stand still; the smells of nature, the view over the Gulf of Laigueglia and the Gallinara Island, which looks like a large sea turtle, will take your breath away.

Knowing the culture of Laigueglia also means knowing its gastronomy. Culinary traditions are the mirror of this Ligurian village. The typical local products are registered in the De.C.O. (Municipal Designation of Origin) Registry precisely to preserve over time these products which embody the habits of the local popular culture.

The De.C.O. is a geographical origin certificate equivalent to a “Made in Laigueglia” brand.

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