Laigueglia, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, on a family scale.

A 500-meter long pedestrian area in the old town of “one of the most beautiful villages of Italy”, where you can walk freely and safely among the houses, close to each other, which, for reasons of space, stretch towards the sea, drawing large squares.

A promenade of nearly fifteen kilometres connects Capo Mele to the nearby Alassio, where you can walk, run or cycle, breathing the air of the Ligurian Sea, rich in iodine. The best fine-sand beaches children could wish to roll around, dig holes in search of water, build sand castles, draw tracks on which racing their marbles, inventing games of all sorts.
The safest of the seas, with a beach that slopes slowly, to learn how to swim or play freely, knowing the marine environment without the sudden risk of not “touching”.
A pier extending into the sea with his dock, to invite you to get to know the cetaceans of our sea.

A Bay of the Sun that embraces you, protecting you from heavy winds or bad weather.
A hill with fantastic views, to go far and wide, surrounded by safety signals in the middle of the Mediterranean Maquis or among centuries-old pine trees. The largest water park in the sea of the Ligurian Riviera, suitable for people of all ages, from eight to eighty, anchored a few meters from the beach.
Adventure parks made of lianas and Tibetan bridges, on top of the ridge. Experiences, events and exhibitions for everyone, to enjoy a fantastic family holiday.

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