Outdoor activities in Laigueglia: the mountains meet the sea for a unique experience.

The heart finds its rhythm, sweat expels toxins from the body, while the brain eliminates accumulated stress.

When you go faster, all elements around you seem to slow down and thus you are able to make peace with the outside world, and to get back in tune with nature.

The environment in which you run, the landscape around you, is very important, but also the timing does its part. Surely, there is no better time than dawn, the birth of a new day.

Practicing outdoor sports allows us to travel within ourselves, in a re-appropriation of our essence, too often lost in the chaotic everyday life; It is a way of making peace with ourselves, and with those around us. It makes you feel like when you get to the summit and enjoy the view, feeling really good, satisfied, at peace with yourself and with the world and, in short, in a word, happy.

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